A Man’s Guide: How to avoid the most common turn-offs for women

A man’s guide to avoiding the most common turn-offs for women.

Here is a list for men of common turn-offs for women. If you want us to like you better, please don’t:

  • Stare at our breasts or other body parts instead of looking at our face
  • Not apologize
  • Apologize, and then do the same thing the next day
  • Make promises, unless you have a system in place to make sure you keep them
  • Stare at other women’s breasts or body parts
  • Talk about other women’s bodies
  • Make demeaning jokes about women
  • Talk about yourself and never ask questions about us
  • Fall asleep in the middle of a fight
  • Tell us to stop crying
  • Tell us how we should feel, instead of respecting our feelings
  • Refuse to ask for directions
  • Control the remote control and change channels as if you are the only one in the room
  • Stand over us instead of sitting down and talking face-to-face
  • Brag about your achievements
  • Tip or treat service providers poorly
  • Try to buy forgiveness (flowers, gifts) instead of changing your behavior
  • Mooch off us (or mooch off others)
  • Walk two feet in front of us
  • Give us the Silent Treatment
  • Brag about how much money you make
  • Dismiss, deny, or trivialize our thoughts, feelings, choices
  • Brag about your sexual conquests or body parts
  • Make stupid penis or fart jokes (even though you think they’re hysterical)
  • Stand too close
  • Touch us in a way that feels too familiar, aggressive, or condescending
  • Complain that we don’t “give you enough” sex (as if you’re a charity). If you’re feeling rejected, touch-deprived, unwanted, horny, say so. We understand these feelings. But please remember, sex isn’t something we give you. It’s something we choose to do together.
  • Give us the BJHP
  • Tell us we “owe you” if you do something nice for us
  • Flirt with other women: waitresses, other people’s girlfriends
  • Ask for money
  • Wait until we ask
  • Lie
  • Mistreat, bully, or manipulate
  • Take more than you give

Get the idea? Don’t be a jerk.


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