Everybody is an expert when it comes to anxiety, especially people who don’t have it.

“What do you mean, the lights at Target are ‘too loud’?  You do realize that’s impossible, right?”

Actually, no.

What do you mean, the lights at Target are ‘too loud?’ You do realize that’s impossible, right?”

I realize that a calm person might not be able to hear fluorescent lights. But every anxious person I know would feel less alone knowing they weren’t the only one who couldn’t handle the high pitched buzz of fluorescent lights.

Talking about anxiety with the uninitiated can be a difficult, alienating experience. But there’s hope. Express Yourself Ecards app can help you find the words you’ve been missing to describe the feelings you’re having. Here’s an example of one of the cards, called “Please, will you Listen.? It’s one of the 10 ecards you get to choose from. Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  listen 3

All you have to do is pick the card you want and fill out the template that comes with it. Here’s an example. I’ve filled in the first part of that template to show you how it works. After you fill it out, the app takes your responses and turns them into what reads like a letter.

Checklist anxiety on blue background..png
Checklist from Express Yourself Ecards iPhone app, the card to use when you want to be heard.

Finished anxiety on blue background..pngDownload_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 As you can see, the template makes it easy for you to find the words to begin the conversation in a constructive way that doesn’t blame Jack. The images of both the checklist and finished ecard have been cut off to save space, but you get the idea. With the app, you can edit your card before you send it. You can even add a photo.

Ecards are sent directly from the app to the Receiver’s email. The Receiver gets an email that includes the first couple of lines of your ecard. To read the rest, the Receiver just clicks on the link. Hope you’ll try it the next time you have something important to say and would like help saying it!

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