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Review of Express Yourself Ecards at

Tired of being misunderstood? Wish you knew what to say and how to say it better? Express Yourself E-Cards help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, and nd the perfect words to communicate them more effectively.

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The Express Yourself Ecard app is a deceptively simple, powerful communication tool. The ten ecards in the app help you express yourself in ten common situations where most of us mere mortals struggle to gure out what we’re feeling and how to say it.

Unlike generic greeting cards, the ecards you create with this app are specific, personal, and deep. No two ecards you send will ever be the same.

After you’ve chosen the ecard that fits your situation, you’re guided through a series of fill-in-the-blanks and checklists. At this stage you’re likely to experience an “Aha!” moment or two, as you recognize your true feelings for the first time. It can feel a little like therapy, which makes sense because the app was created by a marriage and family therapist.

Once you’ve finished completing an ecard, the app magically creates a letter that makes you sound better than you ever thought you could. If you want to tweak it further, the app allows you to edit it or save it as a draft to work on later. You can even add a photo if you want. And the user-interface is simple and clear, right up through the moment you hit “Send.”

You’re likely to experience an “Aha!” moment or two, as you recognize your true feelings for the first time.

Even a good communicator can benefit from using The Express Yourself Ecard app to talk about difficult subjects. For example, if you want to tell someone they’ve hurt your feelings, using the app’s “Ouch” card will decrease the likelihood they’ll get defensive and increase the likelihood you’ll get heard. Sending the app’s “Sorry” card will make any apology much more complete and effective. The “Can I Be Honest?” card will make it possible for you to tell the truth when you’re frightened about how it will be received. And although it may be easy to say a simple “I love you,” the app’s “I’m Loving You” card will help you say it in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Each of the ten ecards in the app has the potential to increase your self-understanding at the same time as it increases the chance you’ll be understood by the important people in your life. So if you’re looking for an easy way to say something hard, give the Express Yourself Ecard app a try.

Each of the 10 ECards consists of a sequence of fill-in-the-blank questions and checklists. This combination allows you to create a unique and personal Ecard that maximizes your chances of being understood.

But there’s more. Completing the checklists takes you on a journey of self-discovery. That means that even if you never send an ECard, you’ll bene t from the process.

Although many of the choices you’re given on the checklists won’t apply to your situation, some of them will. And those will cause an unmistakable shift in your body that says: “Yes! That’s it!” That’s the feeling we get each time we find words or phrases that match our experience.

Here are the 10 cards:

  1. Ouch!
  1. Sorry.
  1. Thanks.
  1. Can I be honest?
  1. Talk to me!
  1. Please listen!
  1. I have a request.
  1. I’m loving you.
  1. Can you help?
  1. Want me to appreciate you more?
  1. . Here’s how they work.


  1. Pick whichever card fits the situation.
  1. Fill in the blanks and choose from the checklists on the card.
  1. Preview the card and edit it as much or as little as you wish.
  1. Add an optional photo.
  1. Hit Send.


  1. You receive an email with a private link to view your card.
  1. You feel a lot better.

What makes Express Yourself ECards special?

• They’re not generic. Every card you send will be unique.

• They go deep.

• They are fully editable. You can add, delete, or change anything before sending.

• They increase self-awareness and self-confidence.

• They increase emotional uency.

• They make it easy to talk about difficult topics.

Who can benefit from using them?

  • Couples and anyone in a relationship.
  • Parents and kids.
  • Engineers and computer nerds.
  • Speech therapists and occupational therapists.
  • Psychotherapists, school counselors, and teachers.

Will the app work for someone on the autism spectrum?

Although it wasn’t designed specifically for this purpose, the Express Yourself ECards app has proven to be an amazing communication tool for high-functioning adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum. For those who have trouble reading or writing, checklists can be read aloud and completed by a parent, teacher, or friend.

About Betsy Sansby, MS, LMFT, creator of Express Yourself E-Cards

Betsy is a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years experience teaching couples and families how to communicate better. The app worked so well with her clients, she decided to make it available to everyone.

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Meditation makes my anxiety worse

Does meditation only make your anxiety worse?

For clients with anxiety or in the midst of a depressive episode, there is no “bloom of the present moment,” a phrase coined by Jon Kabat Zinn, who developed the 8-week program called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. There is only relentless spinning, merciless dread, or feeling like you want to rip your skin off.

If sitting meditation only makes you want to jump out of your skin, you’re better off starting with another practice that reduces anxiety, but doesn’t require isolation or complete stillness. I suggest developing a daily practice of some kind of moving meditation: yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, or even chanting. The idea for someone with anxiety is to get a break, to feel a sense of grace, flow, ease inside. All of the practices I just mentioned will help.

Don’t give up. Even the worst anxiety won’t kill you. There is one book I recommend to anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, “Hope and Help for Your Nerves,” by the late Dr. Claire Weeks. It has been a lifesaver for thousands and thousands of people. The link above will send you to Discover Books, which sells it for a lot less money than Amazon.

Why Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

Wondering why marriage counseling doesn’t work?

Every day we tell ourselves lies: “No more sugar!”  “No more yelling.”  “No more spending.” “No more drinking.” “This week I’m going to exercise.”  And then what?

How about this week, we agree to tell the truth?  No more lying to ourselves about all the big changes we’re going to make?

Let’s face it, changing ourselves is a big job.  It takes constant vigilance, steadfast commitment, rigourous honesty, infinite patience, and tons of support.  So doesn’t it seem a little bit nuts to think we can change our partners?

In my experience, when marriage counseling doesn’t work, it’s because couples come into therapy hoping I’ll help them get their partners to change.  They don’t realize that their best chance at getting something different from their relationship is to change how they respond to their partner’s objectionable behaviors.

Typically, women complain that their partners are lazy, clueless, narcissistic and immature–which they well might be.  But what they don’t realize is that by continuing to overfunction and tolerate unacceptable behavior, they are actually reinforcing it in their partners.

“I’m always cleaning up after her!”  Why is that?

“Why is it that we both work full-time and I’m still responsible for organizing all the social events, all the holidays, and everything that’s going on with the kids?”  Good question.

What actions are you taking to be kinder, more honest, more respectful, more responsible, less reactive?

Blame is a waste of time. Focus on changing yourself.

Men complain that their wives are never satisfied or that they show more affection to their girlfriends than they do to them. I ask them to get curious, not resentful. If you’re getting more support, affection, appreciation, or focused attention from a girlfriend, why wouldn’t you enjoy being with them more?

If I’m doing marriage counseling, the focus is always on what each person can do be kinder, clearer, more respectful, more responsible, congruent, less reactive.  In short, their highest self.  This means recognizing the ways in which your behaviors, reactions, beliefs, choices miss the mark. How does your silence, blame, drinking, lying cause suffering for yourself and others?

How does your silence, blame, drinking, or lying, cause

suffering for yourself and others?

For one person, that might mean changing jobs, working fewer hours, being more attentive, learning to be curious, fighting fair, giving up alcohol.  For another, it might mean learning to forgive, not being a martyr, making requests instead of demands, stretching more.

If you are considering marriage counseling, make sure that you are ready to work on yourself, and not looking for someone to take sides.  Real change happens in relationships when we are willing to stop blaming others. To make real progress, start taking greater responsibility for the ways in which you may be causing, creating, or reinforcing behaviors in others that we want to stop.